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Microsoft ends fiscal year with $10 billion in games revenue, more Xbox Live users

According to an investor report released today by Microsoft, the company's games business is continuing to grow, with a large increase in games-related revenue and more Xbox Live users year over year.

Bryant Francis

July 19, 2018

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On June 30th Microsoft closed out its fourth quarter, and today as part of its financial report, the company revealed a major year-over-year jump in its game business and a major milestone for its game revenue across the whole year. 

As reported in its investor presentation, Microsoft's game business brought in $2.29 billion for the quarter, a 39 percent jump compared to the same quarter this time last year. And across the whole year, video games brought $10 billion in revenue into Microsoft's coffers, part of an annual growth of 14 percent in company revenue to $110.36 billion (however, net income did drop 35 percent year over year to $16.57 billion). 

Game developers looking at the Xbox platform should also know that Xbox Live's total active userbase took a slight dip in the last quarter. In April, we reported that the company's userbase had grown to 59 million, but Microsoft now reports that number has dropped to 57 million active users (which is still higher than the 53 million users the service sported this time last year).

And lastly, while Xbox-related revenue did rise 36 percent, as in April, the company is attributing this to the strength of third-party titles. 

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