Microsoft details content-first Xbox One dashboard redesign

Microsoft is tweaking the design of the Xbox One dashboard to deliver a more "seamless" user experience.

Microsoft is tweaking the design of the Xbox One dashboard to deliver a more "seamless" user experience. 

The console maker wants to streamline the interface by removing 'Twists' from the top of the Home page and replacing them with individual buttons that let players launch games faster. 

The aim here, explains Microsoft, is to help users access Xbox Game Pass, Mixer, and the Microsoft Store more efficiently, while also making sure they can easily jump into their recently played titles. 

Another noteworthy change is the removal of Cortana from Xbox One. The tweak means players will no longer be able to talk to the virtual assistant through their headset. Instead, they'll be able to access feature by using the Xbox Skill for Cortana on iOS, Android, or Windows devices. 

"We’ve heard your feedback and have continued to iterate on Home to get you into your gaming experiences faster and keeping more of your content front and center," commented Microsoft, talking about the content-first redesign. 

The experimental revamp (pictured below) will roll out this week to a select group of Xbox Insiders, and will continue to evolve and change based on user feedback.

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