MicroProse brand, known for X-COM and Civilization, has been revived

The MicroProse brand has been revived almost 20 years after the iconic American developer-publisher was shut down by then-owner Infogrames.

The MicroProse brand has been revived almost 20 years after the iconic American developer-publisher was shut down by then-owner Infogrames. 

Originally founded by Bill Stealey and Sid Meier in 1982, MicroProse made a name for itself by creating a number of groundbreaking franchises like Civilization and X-COM

After changing hands twice during the '90s, MicroProse was eventually purchased by French publisher Infogrames as part of a $100 million deal for parent company Hasbro Interactive. 

The last two games to be published under the Microprose banner were Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror and the European version of Grand Prix 4, with Infogrames choosing to close down the last former MicroProse studio in 2003.

Now, however, the label is returning under the leadership of new owner David Lagette, the CEO and founder of simulation software platform TitanIM, who acquired the rights to the brand in 2018. 

A short post on the MicroProse website explained the publisher "is officially back in action," and will be making its comeback with three new strategy-simulation projects: Sea Power, Second Front, and Task Force Admiral

"MicroProse is officially back in action. Truthful to the spirit of the company we let our games speak for us to tell a story of quality and passion," reads the MicroProse blog. "These [three games] are only the beginning of our comeback. Other announcements will follow, giving shape to our vision for the future of the strategy and simulation genres."

You can find out more about each of MicroProse's upcoming titles by visiting the company website.

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