Metroid Dread sold 854,000 copies in the U.S. during October

The milestone represents the best launch in series history.

Metroid Dread had sold 854,000 copies in the United States by the end of October, representing the best launch in series history.

Those figures come straight from Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser, who was speaking to The Verge about the current state of the Nintendo Switch.

Bowser also waxed lyrical about the Nintendo Switch OLED model, and said the upgraded console amassed 314,000 sales in the U.S. during October.

"We see this as a strong start for the Nintendo Switch OLED model and a very strong indicator of the performance we can expect as we go into the holiday season," he told The Verge.

Although Bowser believes the company will be able to build momentum ahead of the holiday season, he cautioned that component shortages are still causing "a high level of uncertainty."

"We're working to meet demand for our holiday products, including Nintendo Switch OLED model. I will say things are constantly changing, but we’ve been working across the supply chain — from production to overseas transport to local distribution channels — to make sure we have a steady flow of hardware and games through the holiday cycle. Now, despite all of our efforts, I’d say there’s still a high level of uncertainty."

"As you know, in our last earnings report, we did reflect a reduction in our overall number for this year; we took it down about 1.5 million units to 24 million units globally. And that does reflect the outlook and the visibility that we have into the rest of the fiscal year."

Nintendo isn't the only console maker affected by supply issues. Earlier this week, Sony also reportedly lowered its PlayStation 5 production outlook by 1.5 million units due to component constraints.

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