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Mario's team-up with Apple sends Nintendo stock soaring

Mario's move to mobile has once again boosted Nintendo's stock value, propelling them to share prices not seen since the launch of Pokemon Go.

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

September 8, 2016

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Nintendo’s moves into mobile are continuing to excite investors. After yesterday’s announcement of Super Mario Run for iOS at Apple’s flagship press event, Nintendo’s stock has made another significant jump, rivaling its gains made earlier this summer after the release of Pokemon Go. 

As Wired notes, Nintendo’s stock jumped to over $36 a share yesterday, and it’s only declined another $3 per share as stock markets closed on Thursday. That’s less then the Pokemon Go-driven highs of $38.25 a share, but it does suggest that the mere presentation of Nintendo’s plans for mobile encourages the company's investors. 

It’s also a stock jump that’s more directly driven by Nintendo’s actions than Pokemon Go was. Since Super Mario Run is being developed by Nintendo (and published by DeNA), the company can expect a bigger cut of the revenue from the game’s success than it could with Pokemon Go, which was developed by Niantic, and published by The Pokemon Company.  

Super Mario Run is set to release in December for a fixed price, with a set of in-app purchases that Nintendo has yet to fully detail. 

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