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Before Lunacy, Roper worked on a number of games, including Diablo, Disney Infinity, and Champions Online.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

March 27, 2024

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Logo for new developer Lunacy Games.
Image via Lunacy Games.

At a Glance

  • Roper feels there's "unfinished business" with Hellgate, and Lunacy has been tasked with making a follow-up to the 2007 MMO.

Bill Roper, a longtime industry veteran, has co-founded new studio Lunacy Games. While his fellow founders weren't revealed, the press release notes they have extensive experience with MMO, RPG, and FPS games.

First established in 2022, Lunacy is developing two projects. Along with its own game set in the Old West, it's signed a licensing agreement with HanbitSoft to make a new Hellgate title.

Roper was a producer on the 2007 MMO Hellgate: London, originally from Flagship Studios. HanbitSoft acquired publishing rights in 2008 ahead of its shutdown the following year, and relaunched the game in 2011.

Hellgate: London is still online and playable, now under the control of T3Entertainment. In the press release, Roper noted his "unfinished business" with the game, hence the new project codenamed Hellgate: Redemption.

"I’ve dreamed of returning to the franchise we created back in 2007 for many, many years," he wrote. Per GamesBeat, the Hellgate deal is separate to Lunacy's Old West game, which it's looking for a partner to help fully develop.

At time of writing, Lunacy is comprised of five full-time staff, while the rest are contractors. Roper mentioned conversations are happening with venture capital firms and publishers, and he hopes to make as many contractors into full-time staff as he can.

"My goal...is to build a stable, profitable company that makes great games and grows on the basis of profitability and making sure that we’re making great products," he explained.

Citing his previous time at Disney, Roper recalled a phrase he heard: "Quality is the best business model. And that’s something that all of us at Lunacy are really dedicated to."

Roper's full interview with GamesBeat can be read here.

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