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Learn VR/AR best practices with these sponsored sessions at VRDC Fall 2017

One of the key missions for VRDC is bringing attendees together with industry leaders who have achieved success in the VR/AR/MR industries.

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August 30, 2017

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Virtual Reality Developers Conference officials are intent on putting together a fantastic VRDC Fall 2017 event. Today they want to highlight some great sponsored sessions you can take part in during the show — which is happening September 21-22 at a bigger, better venue in San Francisco!

One of the key missions for VRDC is bringing attendees together with industry leaders who have achieved success in the VR/AR/MR industries. To that end, organizers are keen to highlight sponsored VRDC Fall 2017 sessions that aim to deliver practical learnings gleaned from those who have been there and done that.

Attend VRDC Fall 2017 to learn about immersive games & entertainment, brand experiences, and innovative use cases across industries.

First up we have the talk “Creating a World Scale AR Experience Using Geospatial Data”, presented by Mapbox. Attendees will see first hand how to create AR enabled applications that go from traditional room scale experiences, to being able to create world scale AR experiences using Unity.

There’s also the session “VR and AR Monetization Done Right: the Time Is Now!”presented by Anzu Virtual Reality Ltd. Attendees will understand how to monetize in 3D space effectively, learn about Anzu’s unique immersive-first ad units, pick up how the platform can help to monetize without harming user experience, what technological benefits it gives and how it can solve ad display, call-to-action and tracking issues.

And there’s “Creating Presence in VR: The Importance of Haptics” presented by Immersion, which will present important concepts to keep in mind as developers come up-to-speed with using touch to create immersive experiences. Interested? Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of basic principles of haptic design (clear association, low latency feedback, short duration), sample of types of haptic effects that can be used for certain genre of game design, and learn of general design limitations for haptics.

Lastly we have the session How to Use Distributed Computing to Reach a Fast Time to Market”, presented by IncrediBuild. See how development acceleration can speed up your tooling, from your software builds to make and build tools and development tools. Learn how to accelerate compilations, image processing, shading, rendering, Unreal Engine and more. Discover the secret to accelerating software builds by up to 90%, thus accelerating development cycles.

And of course, VRDC Fall 2017 organizers look forward to announcing many more talks for the event in the weeks to come. Don’t forget to register early at a discounted rate!

Since tickets sold out for the first three VRDC events, VRDC Fall 2017 will offer more sessions and move to a bigger location at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco, CA September 21-22.

Join experts behind innovative VR, AR, and mixed reality technologies at VRDC Fall 2017. Learn more and register today.

For more information on VRDC Fall 2017, visit the show’s official website and subscribe to regular updates via Twitter and Facebook

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