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Krafton opens new studio, ReLu Games, to develop deep learning titles

With ReLu, Krafton's 11th subsidiary will help the tech giant get its foot in the AI industry.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

June 15, 2023

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Logo for Krafton subsidiary ReLu Games.

Krafton has established another subsidiary studio, this time for AI games. 

Founded at the start of June, ReLu Games was formed specifically to develop games that "focus on the integration of deep learning technology." Its studio head is MJ Kim, who previously supervised Krafton's Special Project II incubation program. 

Per the press release, ReLu will "harness the deep learning-based game production knowledge and creative insights amassed from Special Project II's three-year tenure." Its debut project will be Foonda: AI Puzzle, a mobile game that uses deep learning technology to generate "unique puzzle stages." 

Beyond that one game, the studio will continue its dive into AI and deep learning with a program known as Project Orchestra, which is said to use speech recognition technology. 

Krafton and ReLu could help further AI's steps into the mainstream

ReLu's stated goal marks Krafton's first attempt to step into the AI space. In the last several months, developers such as Ubisoft have begun to integrate the controversial technology into its development pipeline, while others such as EA have concerns about the legal risk that could arise from its use. 

AI has been a thorny issue among the development community, with concerns expressed for how it may deeply harm or even eliminate disciplines like art. Others see it as a way to help transfer in-game items between different titles, or a potential boon to streamline development.

With Krafton's push into the larger triple-A game space in the west, the success it has with integrating AI in its games may sway (or dissuade) other developers from following suit. 

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