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Konami to raise base salary in Japan for third consecutive year

'We intend to continue to generate innovation driven by our diverse human resources.'

Chris Kerr, News Editor

April 8, 2024

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Silent Hill publisher Konami has confirmed it will raise the base salary of "regular employees" in Japan for the third consecutive fiscal year starting in March 2025.

The increase will see workers in Konami's domestic group companies take home an additional 5,000 yen ($32) per month–or 60,000 yen ($395) per year.

The Japanese publisher confirmed the news in a notice to investors and said the modest increase will help stabilize income while creating a "satisfying working environment." Konami will also be increasing the initial base salary of new recruits to 300,000 yen from 295,000 yen.

"In the 50 some years since our founding in 1969, Konami Group has engaged in creating new forms of fun by globally providing innovative products and services that capture the era's crest of the wave," wrote the studio. "The source of our competitiveness in creating these products and services lies in our human resources itself, and we intend to continue to generate innovation driven by our diverse human resources."

Looking towards the future, Konami said it's committed to achieving sustainable growth over the next decade by "securing diverse human resources, maximizing the abilities of our employees and creating a satisfying working environment."

Last year, Konami announced its salary increase alongside plans to relocate and expand its Osaka studio within a new location at Osaka Umeda Twin Towers South. The company said the new location would enable it to deliver projects with a "creators first" mindset over the next 50 years.

The publisher also pushed ahead with construction on a new R&D venture called Konami Creative Front Tokyo Bay that it claimed would strengthen its "health and productivity management."

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