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Keywords subsidiary Player Research offers advance accessibility tools for developers

For developers who want to make accessible games, but don't have easy access to consultants and guides.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

August 22, 2023

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Player Research, a subsidiary of Keywords Studios, has begun a new initiative centered on "advancing accessibility." The service spinning out of this initiative has been billed as "a one-stop, comprehensive resource of capabilities to equip and empower developers to make accessible games."

Made in collaboration with "players and consultants in the accessibility community," the service will allow developers to commission help such as co-developing services for accessibility features (in realms such as UI and social media) and accessible game trailers. 

Player Research for accessibility

Accessibility has been a big focus for game developers in recent years, particularly for those at first-party studios like Sony. Not every developer has the time (or resources) to be quite as in-depth as Insomniac was with Marvel's Spider-Man 2which is where Player Research's service can step in. 

The end goal, according to the press release, is to "support development teams in making video games more accessible for players with disabilities, as well as anyone who benefits from inclusive design and accessibility features."

Keywords asserted that its new initiative "will deliver feedback and content at every stage of game production—delivering unprecedented support to game development teams, delivered with a strong understanding of cultural nuance."

Accessibility lead Améliane F. Chiasson wrote that Player Research would "push the industry towards an accessible future by giving developers and publishers "support, research, guidance, and the tools they need. [...] We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy gaming experiences as fully as possible.”

More extensive information on Player Research's initiative, and the specific services offered, can be found here.

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