Justin Roiland to become Squanch Games CEO following departure of Tanya Watson

Squanch Games CEO Tanya Watson is departing the Trover Saves the Universe developer after four years at the helm.

Squanch Games CEO Tanya Watson is departing the Trover Saves the Universe developer after over four years at the helm.

The outgoing chief exec will be replaced by studio co-founder and current chief creative officer Justin Roiland, who many will known as the co-creator and voice acting supremo behind Rick and Morty. 

Watson co-founded Squanch alongside Roiland in August 2016, and since then has overseen the launch of three VR titles in Accounting, Dr. Splorchy Presents: Space Heroes, and Trover Saves the Universe

Although she intends to stay on at the studio as an advisor, Watson said the fact Squanch just experienced its most successful year to date convinced her it's time to leave and build something new. 

"I can safely say that we are not just surviving, we are thriving. We, amongst all businesses, were extremely concerned at the beginning of the pandemic, but one good thing that came out of 2020 is that it has proven to be Squanch Games’ most successful year to date," she wrote in a blog post

"So it is this inflection point that I've decided it's the ideal time for me to step away from Squanch. While I will continue to stay close to the studio as a friend and advisor, I’m ready to figure out what’s next."

Roiland will step into the role of CEO at the beginning of February, and will according to Waston "be the champion, primary visionary, soul, and voice of Squanch."

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