Judge knocks PlayStation gender discrimination lawsuit over lack of facts

"This claim is dismissed because the plaintiff merely recited the elements of the claim and did not allege any specific facts."

A former Sony PlayStation employee's gender discrimination lawsuit has been largely dismissed by a federal judge due to a lack of "specific facts."

As reported by Axios, U.S. Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler dismissed without prejudice 10 out of the 13 claims made by Emma Majo, a former Sony PlayStation IT security analyst who claims she faced gender discrimination in the workplace.

When filing the suit in November last year, Majo alleged she was terminated after filing HR complaints over "discrimination against females" against the company, adding that her termination was allegedly justified because her entire department had been eliminated -- although Majo apparently didn't work for the department in question.

Earlier this year, eight women joined Majo's proposed class-action lawsuit and detailed additional sexual harassment allegations.

Despite those developments, the lawsuit has been largely dismissed by Judge Beeler, who suggested many of the allegations, including those focused on pay discrimination and harassment, lacked specificity.

"This claim is dismissed because the plaintiff merely recited the elements of the claim and did not allege any specific facts," wrote Judge Beeler. "For example, she does not describe her work or how her work was substantially equal to the work of any male allegedly paid more than she was paid."

Majo is able to continue suing Sony over the remaining three claims relating to wrongful termination and an alleged violation of whistleblower protections. Majo will also be permitted to amend the dismissed claims.

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