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Itch.io launches open revenue sharing

Itch.io has launched open revenue sharing, allowing developers to choose how much revenue to share with the online distributor.

Phill Cameron, Blogger

March 23, 2015

1 Min Read

Itch.io, the online distribution platform, has today launched an open revenue sharing model, allowing developers to choose the amount of their revenue to share with each purchase. The default will be 10%, with developers able to adjust the percentage to whatever suits them best immediately.

The move comes after two years of growth for the digital distribution platform, during which it has been allowing developers to sell their game without charging them anything for the service. 

There's a blogpost detailing the change on the Itch.io tumblr, as well as pointing to a new 'What is Itch.io?' page on the Itch.io site, detailing the platform's mission statement going forward. 

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