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Interactive video startup Interlude hires Her Story's Sam Barlow

The maker of the acclaimed full-motion video game has found a home at a startup that is aiming to launch an interactive video network -- as its executive creative director.

Christian Nutt

March 15, 2016

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Interactive video startup Interlude has hired Her Story creator Sam Barlow as executive creative director, Variety reports.

Barlow's acclaimed game helped to redeem the reputation of full-motion video in interactive games, and won a number of awards already. It's up for an IGF award this week at GDC.

"I'd watched a lot of video footage of police interviews and it just lodged in my head. Video is such a big deal now -- Netflix, YouTube, Vine, etc. Even the ten o' clock news will lead with cell phone footage of events rather than send a film crew. So I was reacting to that, reacting to the way that the video footage allows audiences of millions to vicariously take a seat in the intimate, invasive interviews that these suspects are subjected to," Barlow told Gamasutra, about his choice to use video for Her Story.

Interlude is planning to launch an interactive video network called Eko, and has a new series based on the 1983 film WarGames in the works. 

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