InnoGames looks to acquire F2P mobile titles

InnoGames has announced its plans to venture into a new business model of acquiring free-to-play mobile games in its early stages and help devs market the games under the InnoGames portfolio.

InnoGames has announced its plans to venture into a new business model of acquiring free-to-play mobile games in its early stages and helping  devs improve and market their games under the InnoGames portfolio.

The Germany-based mobile and online games publisher took its first step toward this new direction after the acquisition of the turn-based strategy game Warlords of Aternum from Wooga in 2017, relaunching the game by "leveraging the company's core strengths in live ops and marketing."

"After investing massively into game features and content updates, we are currently scaling Warlords of Aternum worldwide," chief product officer at InnoGames Armin Busen explains in a press release."Based on this successful integration, we decided to expand on the strategy."

As noted in the press release, InnoGames will be attending GDC March 18th to the 22nd in San Francisco, and developers can send pitches and requests for meetings here.

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