Industry veterans launch VR studio and publishing label Creature

The studio will be led by Robot Teddy's former head of VR, Doug North Cook.

A group of industry veterans have joined forces to launch a new VR studio and publishing label called Creature.

The studio is led by Doug North Cook, formerly head of VR at Robot Teddy. Cook has worked on several major virtual reality titles, including Among Us VR and The Last Clockwinder.

Ashley Pinnick is spearheading the studio's art department, having previously worked on projects like Tilt Brush and Slimeball, while the company's engineering team is led by former Superhot VR and Gravity Lab developer Mark Schramm.

Creature was quietly founded earlier this year but has now broken cover. The studio is developing an unannounced mixed-reality title and is also working with several other studios through its label.

In a press release, the Creature team said they want to "assist game developers in building sustainable businesses to bring high-quality games to consumers."

"We've built Creature to support artists, designers, and developers who we believe are creating experiences that unlock something new," added North Cook, who's serving as CEO and creative director.

"I believe that operating with a focus on trust, transparency, honesty, and unrelenting quality is the way that we can push the industry in a more playful direction that creates room for developers to build sustainable studios that are able to focus on building their best work yet while we support them every step of the way."

Discussing what it can offer to developers, Creature said it will provide business and development support, production consulting, and assist with release strategies so its partners can focus on "building incredible gameplay experiences."

The company's slate currently includes mixed and virtual reality projects from partners, including Thomas Van Bouwel, Funktronic Labs, and Neat Corporation.

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