This article introduces an alternative system for email communication,to advertise indie games to content creators. ChannelX,an easy and effective feature within for gamedevs to connect, communicate and send codes.

The world has become a fast changing place and the cyber world, an ever evolving information ocean. To stay afloat and row forward in this ocean, you need the right kind of boat that can help you reach the distant lands, the customers scattered across this cyber ocean. And here we are to help you cross the Cyber Ocean to reach out to your customers.

Crossing the ocean is not an easy task, it has strong currents, that can scatter your messages before reaching the target audience. So you need strong oarsmen to row your boat , and they are Press,Youtubers and Twitch streamers for indie game industry. However getting these oarsmen itself has become  a difficult task as they are living in distant lands and many a times as an indie developer you are too small to get the attention of  these busy content creators overburdened with requests. And the interesting part is that these content creators themselves are on lookout for different and interesting games that can entertain their audience. So the main challenge for these content creator is how to pick up gems from the clutter of mails and spams reaching them

So here we have a solution, ChannelX, an easy and effective feature within Gamxin that connects each indie developer to the content creator  interested in that specific genre. 
Now the big question, how does this ChannelX work? In ChannelX we provide two totally different interface for indie game developers and Content Creators.

At Game developer’s End:
You can register directly on, create a Games page and get access to ChannelX. There you can fill out details such as Genre, Platform , Brief about the game, Store links ,Embargo if there are any, etc .This  include code as well. The content creators are divided into 4 different segments. You can customize settings for each segment separately and distribute codes.


Our system automatically finds out the content creators whose taste (Genre, Platform,other info) matches with your product and takes it to their dashboard. [And yeah! We don’t send emails, so don’t worry. We don’t spam content creators inbox.We provide them with a separate dashboard]



All information such as who all viewed your request, who all accessed your codes  will be available to you real-time . In short we will do the match making task for you. 

At Content Creators End:-

We don’t send emails to content creators instead we provide them with a separate interface,a highly interactive dashboard .Trust me , it will make the task damn too easy for the content creator  who previously had to go through thousands of mails to chance upon a  quality content. To list few of the advantages for content creators:-

  • Only matching tastes (Genre, Platform) are delivered.
  • Way easier to go through request compared to emails.
  • Only most relevant informationare displayed.
  • Sorted Mechanism to move request easily to  viewed, bookmarked and finalised folders
  • Automatic status update for Game developers. 
  • Internal Communication system.
  • Spamming totally avoided.

Now a few testimonies straight from the horse’s mouth…

Read more testimonials here

Frequently Asked Question:- 

1. What kinds of games can be uploaded to the system?
Indie games coming under any Genre or platform can be uploaded to the system. The content creators that we have roped in have ample variety in interest and taste.

2. What is the subscription count of youtuber / Twitch Streamers who have liked the interface so far?
Presently the count adds up to 60,000 Subscriptions. We are in the process of pitching it to others. We hope to bring 10 more YouTubers on board every week.

3. What are different kinds of Security measures in place?
We look at a number of factors before a content creator is invited to the system and when required even manual verifications of quality and credibility of content providers. To add to that we have other safeguards in place just in case we make a mistake inviting someone. 

4. Why is it better than personalised email?
When your mailbox is flooded with more than 100 mails a day, no one will have the time and patience to go through 200+ words letters in detail. Majority of content creators skim through the mails and look at certain important things only. we know what they look for and precisely deliver that.

Thus using Gamxin system not just significantly increases the chances of getting viewed by a content creator but also increases the chance of getting viewed by a content creator who you wouldn’t have contacted otherwise.

To have a look at our Content Creator demo dashboard, you just have to go to and fill the form available there. We are more than happy to provide our live dashboard as well and are more than eager to get your feedbacks to help us serve you better
We will pretty soon be opening our dashboard to press as well.

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