Indie Royale's Xmas Bundle Debuts Stardock's Xmas-Themed Elfsquad7 For PC

As a special seasonal surprise, Indie Royale's Xmas Bundle is world premiering Stardock and Tykocom's special holiday-themed game Elfsquad7 on PC for all previous and future buyers of its current Bundle.
As a special holiday surprise, the Xmas Bundle from independent game deals site Indie Royale is world premiering Stardock and Tykocom's special holiday-themed game Elfsquad7 on PC for all previous and future buyers of its current Bundle -- which is available for purchase until December 26th. Indie Royale is the only place that you can play Elfsquad7 on Windows PC this holiday season. The fun, seasonally themed title (also currently available on Xbox Live Indie Games for Xbox 360) allows players to go solo or team up with family and friends for two-player local co-op, as you wrap toys, stuff Santa's sack, demolish freakish un-toys, and battle Kevin -- the haywire toy-building robot of the North. At the same time, Indie Royale's developers are announcing a new feature whereby Bundle buyers can gift the Xmas Bundle -- including eight games and Elfsquad7 -- to others, and have the gift email delivered on Christmas Day -- allowing timed holiday presents to be bought for friends and family. The Holiday Gift feature is now live as an additional tickbox on the checkout screen for Indie Royale, and can be used for any bundle purchases going forward. (Additionally, those who pay enough -- currently USD $10 -- to drop the price for everyone gets Rush Coil's festive-themed '8-Bit Christmas' chiptune album, which is also part of any gift.) Any Xmas Bundle orders also currently include the six core Indie Royale Xmas Bundle games: the supernatural point and click adventure three-game compilation Blackwell Trilogy: Remastered, the Lemmings-esque puzzle/strategy Eets, satirical oil drilling action sim The Oil Blue, and larger-than-life dinosaurs meet Nazis first-person shooter Dino D-Day. Bonuses launched since the Bundle went live have included greenTech+, a contest winning arcade game from the creator of The Oil Blue where you must save the world from global warming using your mighty hurricane, plus the same creator’s Shellblast, an addictive "cross between Minesweeper and Picross". Also added have been official MP3 soundtracks for The Oil Blue and for all three Blackwell Trilogy titles. The Indie Royale deals site runs on a multi-day model where price will automatically increase as more people buy the bundle. Generous purchasers, however, can help lower the price for everyone else by choosing to pay more than the current minimum, earning a mention on the front page of the site in the process. Indie Royale was co-created by Gamasutra sister site and independent game download service Desura, and more information on the 'Xmas Bundle', including real-time statistics and its current price, is available at its official website, or additionally via its Facebook and Twitter pages.

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