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Indie marketplace Itch has been added to the Epic Games Store

Epic has added a number of new PC apps to the Epic Games Store, including the indie-centric game marketplace Itch.io.

Chris Kerr, News Editor

April 22, 2021

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Epic has added a number of new PC apps to the Epic Games Store, including the indie-centric game marketplace Itch.io. 

The addition of Itch to the Epic Games Store is notable for a couple of reasons, the first being that it's rare for a company to plug another marketplace on its own storefront. What's more, Itch creator Leaf Corcoran also noted the news comes five years after an earlier version of the Itch app was rejected from Steam Greenlight by Valve (although it seems the app was submitted to Greenlight as an April Fools gag).

Beyond that, it's worth remembering that Epic is about to duke it out with Apple in a legal battle that it claims is about eradicating marketplace monopolies and extortionate platform fees. With that in mind, the appearance of Itch -- which Epic describes as a "DRM free indie focused open game store, where the developer sets their price (or no price) and controls the revenue share as well" -- on the Epic Games Store could be viewed as a rather pointed statement. 

The app itself will let users download and play games and software from Itch using a built-in browser. It'll also be possible to sync browser-based games into the app to facilitate offline play, while creators will be able to control how their project pages look. 

Itch has pledged to keep the app updated with new functionality and features. For more information, check out the Itch app on the Epic Games Store. Oh, and for those wondering, it'll still be possible to download and access the Itch app without going through the Epic Games Store.

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