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Ikumi Nakamura debuts Unseen--a new "borderless" game studio

Video game artist and director Ikumi Nakamura and several former colleagues from Tango Gameworks and other companies are debuting a brand-new studio.

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

March 9, 2022

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A still frame of Ikumi Nakamura. She makes a symbol with her hands while her face is concealed behind a black face mask.

Ikumi Nakamura--the Japanese game director and artist who became a viral sensation during the E3 reveal of Tango Gameworks' Ghostwire: Tokyo--has unveiled a brand-new independent game development studio called "Unseen."

Unseen is headed up by Nakamura and other talents like environmental art specialist and CDO Naoki Katakai (formerly of Tango Gameworks), visual director Liam Wong (formerly of Ubisoft), and game director Misuzu Watanabe (formerly of Capcom).

Nakamura's new studio will be headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, but is described as "borderless" on its website (it's also described as "mysterious," for what it's worth). Unseen aims to be a game studio that is "not limited by time, space, language, or creativity. 

A year ago, Nakamura announced her intention to form a new studio that would capture her dark humor and love for the grotesque. She also talked about wanting to make a company that would be healthy to work at, and wouldn't practice the kind of crunch she experienced at Capcom.

It's yet another new game studio that seems to be touting the power of remote employees and healthier working conditions for game developers. This one just happens to be backed by a charismatic creator who's captured the interest of players who enjoy the light and macabre. 

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