[email protected] launches new acceleration program to empower underrepresented devs

The program will focus on key areas including porting, information, and prototypes.

Microsoft has launched a new [email protected] Developer Acceleration Program to "empower underrepresented creators."

Discussing the program in a chat with Game Developer at GDC, Xbox corporate vice president Sarah Bond explained who exactly Microsoft intends to support. "Our focus is twofold. It's both on creators that may otherwise not have been able to get into the industry or aren't fully represented, but it's also about people who are actually respectfully creating stories about those experiences."

As for how the company will help those devs achieve their goals, it explained the program will grant access to the resources and information needed to bring projects to Xbox (and even other platforms), focusing on key areas including porting, information, and prototypes.

Where porting is concerned, the program will seek to provide developers with the investment required to release on multiple platforms. "Funding offered by the Developer Acceleration Program is non-recoupable and does not require exclusivity or company equity," reads a post on Xbox Wire. "Instead, it is intended to help developers find success on the platform by offsetting their porting investment."

Participating developers will also be given access to information and best practices in the form of monthly webinars called Green Room events, where creators will be able to engage with members of the Xbox team and learn more about topics including marketing, certification, and lifecycles.

"The goal is to create an environment where new teams can connect directly with subject matter experts and ask questions in an open and welcoming environment," noted the company.

Finally, the Developer Acceleration Program is piloting a prototype initiative with the goal of partnering with developers to provide them with the non-recoupable funding and support needed to create a prototype that accurately communicates their vision.

"We are excited to announce the program as a way of ensuring that we are reaching the developers that most need our support," continued the company. "By removing longstanding barriers to entry for creators and normalizing diverse storylines and characters in gaming, both players and developers win."

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