IceIYIaN talks Nintendo

Nintendo doom is everywhere. Except here.

Seems like every English speaking gaming website is all over Nintendo lately. The common theme is that Nintendo will suddenly stop making their consoles and handhelds. And that they will then instead just make games for computers, consoles, and cell phones.

Well, as far as I'm aware...
Nintendo Wii sold about as much as the Microsoft X-BoX 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 combined.
Wii U is still ahead of X-BoX OnE and PS4.
Nintendo DS sold incredibly well.
2/3DS is doing rather healthy.

The only other two markets that Nintendo isn't in, computers(Desktops/Laptops/Tablets) and cells (Mini-Tablets with texting/calling), well, Valve, Google, and Apple are making bank.
Speaking of bank, Nintendo has like 10 billion dollars in the bank. Nintendo's consoles are basically desktop computers. Wii U is a desktop/tablet mix.
They could add texting and calling to their handhelds if they really wanted too. But that's a lot of work and is pointless in an age of wireless InterwebZ.

So, what does Nintendo actually do to make 10 billion dollars?
1. They make hardware.
2. They make the hardware's operating system.
3. They make software for the operating system.
4. They make input devices.
5. They make or license toys (I'm sure there's a joke involved in this one)

I think the big problem right now is that every single device you own can surf the InterwebZ, play movies and music. In other words, problem solved.
The next big problem is going away as we speak. The mobile hardware has advanced enough that soon it will be the same operating system.

So, what's left is how powerful the hardware is, your tablet/cell/TV/Monitor and the resolution, the input device you're using, and of course the operating system and apps/games.

If I was forced to leave the keyboard and mouse(Which is unlikely to happen), the Nintendo Wii U gamepad is what I would be interested in using.

So, what are Nintendo's current problems?
1. Wii U and 2/3DS probably use different operating systems(?)
2. Wii U's console/desktop computer is rather weak in terms of other desktop computers and consoles.
3. Wii U's gamepad is unique, but makes the console expensive.
4. Wii U doesn't have a lot of Nintendo's future games yet.
5. Wii U and 2/3DS don't communicate (???)
6. Wii U doesn't play 2/3DS games (Emulators or same operating system / engines possible???)
7. Wii U doesn't use a keyboard and mouse :P
8. Wii U doesn't have a secondary SteamOS, Android, Linux bootup option.
9. Brand confusion and marketing problems. Wii, Wii U... DS, 3DS, 2DS...
10. Probably a lot of other crap, but I'm starting to get lazy.

So, what could Nintendo do?
1. Some say remove the Wii U gamepad and call it the Wii 2.
2. Make an add-on to the Wii to use the Wii U gamepad.
3. Give out their personal IP virtual console games to everybody who owns the Wii U.
4. Make some kind of add-on or emulator to play 2/3DS games.
5. Get around to releasing Nintendo's remaining IP's (A given)
6. Remove the company requirement to release games. (aka n00bZ can release games without forming a corporation or LLC, etc)
Make every Wii U a development kit (aka computers, X-BoX 360(XNA), X-BoX OnE(Future), cells). The whole industry needs to stop with this crap already.
7. Get MonoGame(XNA) working on Wii U and 2/3DS. (I believe this was announced a few months ago)
8. Make a 32 player online First Person Shooter, that has no single player or coop mode. Golden Eye, Halo, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, etc...
Nintendo already has plenty of single player and coop content. But is really lacking in online only 32++ player content.
9. Sorry, I'm getting lazy again.

So, what's in store for Nintendo's future?
1. The merger of one single operating system. Like everybody else in the inudstry is going to be doing.
2. It's highly unlikely they will swap to Google's Android or Valve's SteamOS.
3. They won't drop Wii U or 2/3DS anytime soon. But their next mobile device will be a tablet. A tablet brings enough screen space and power, the ability to use it as a gamepad for the console, and add-on buttons will be common in a few years. Nintendo already has a dual-stick add-on already.
4. A First Person Shooter. Medieval? Modern? Future? It better be online with 32++ players.
5. A football game? A soccer game? It's pointless for them to license and do all that work, when they can easily use Nintendo's characters.
For all I know Nintendo already has a football game. They do a number of sports titles.
6. They will name their next console and their tablet something completely different from the Wii or DS to get rid of the brand confusion.

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