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I hate marketing...

Why the hardest part of indie developing is marketing.
I hate marketing...
Marketing sucks. It's no fun at all. I don't feel creative. I feel like I'm taking a nice piece of prime rib steak and grinding it into chuck and topping the whole thing with nacho cheese.
(Just kidding ... Got to love Bill Hicks!)
Legendary Power (my company) started off by making mods. Our first game was a mod of Wolfenstein 3D called Castle of the Nazi Zombies. It took off with no effort on my part because of the huge built-in fan base around the original Wolfenstein game. As an added bonus it gave us the awesome "Banned in Germany" rubber stamp.
We went on to do other mods, The most popular being a Star Trek mod of Civilization IV. It was around that time I partnered up graphic artist Nathan Fraser who I had been working with in radio broadcasting. After a finishing up a show one night we got to talking about video games and long story short we decided we wanted to work together on creating an original IP/Franchise. This was almost two years ago.
Since then, we have come up with several IPs and prototypes. All of them are lying on the cutting room floor because they all were failures when testing them against "The Market". Fortunately we both have the business sensibility to realize when our cost are going to exceed the returns. So what did we do? We pivoted.
About five months ago, instead of trying to come up with our fantasy game, we decided to look at the market and design the IP around that. The strategy went like this:
  1. Phones First
  2. Make it for everyone. (All ages. No niche markets.)
  3. Casual Play (fun and fast)
With these three rules, we came up with Word Wrecker. It's a fast paced educational title that can be played in short bursts. This game this is straight up built for marketability and yet. It has one major flaw. It is too original!
It is so uniquely separated from everything else in the gaming world it has nothing to latch on to. There is Zero fan base in which to build it off of. Just trying to pull in new likes for the past month has been a disaster. Our goal of 100 likes (not bought but real likes) on Facebook has been a total bomb. We even offered people free early access just for liking the page. I think at the time of writing this we are up 36 likes? That is pretty terrible considering according to our download data there are over 10,000 users of Legendary Power Games software.
I guess if anything this article is a cry for help. What to do next? How do you jump out in the flood of games that is the current market? We know people want this game. The problem is that the people don't know they want this game.

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