How to market your game on IOS?

Although making money from applications on ISO is difficult, the income will be quite stable if you can do the following things

Although making money from applications on IOS is difficult, the income will be quite stable if you can do the following things

The ugly truth

Life is unfair for anyone. So is it for developers. You can quickly recognize it when discovering the recommendation procedure of  App Store. Famous game studios, such as Warner Brothers, SquareEnix, or King are always made priorities. You will be recommended even if you launch some low-quality game.

Here are some tips that you should do in order to show Apple that you are a professional game developer:

- Make a video introducing your game/app

- Write a cool introduction and nice screen picture

- Localize your game (Ex: A Dark Room is not localized so it never gets its room in the Best New Game Updates)

- Email Apple after your app/game is approved. You need to give Apple at least 3 weeks to assess the functions. If you send your email only a few days before your game is launched, it will not be recommended no matter how excellent it is.

- Buy other recommended games to have insights of your competitors. If you do not know your competitors' strength, you will never know whether your app is competitive or not. Several games that you will want to buy are: Monument Valley, Hoplite, You Must Build a Boat, A Dark Room, Device 6, ALONE, Lifeline, Deemo, and Prune.

- Use Apple's new features, which will make Apple pay attention to you.

- Launch your update once every 6 weeks. Apple always keep their eyes on the frequently updated apps. You are not recommended as the Best New Game, you will be recommended as an updated game. 



This post was written by Emma Truong, a freelance marketer working for various brands including Nature's Way, DWW, VinaGame, VTC Game, Vietnam Esports.

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