How to Convert the Non-Gamer

What a makes a serial non-gamer want to play a game?

This is an account of me and my thought process on why I rarely game at all.


I hardly play video games because I feel that they are a waste of time. The amount of time and energy spent just isn’t a good ROI for me.

Is it a stress reliever?

Heck yeah! Especially if I’m playing GTA. Initiating a manhunt and causing mayhem? That’s my sort of thing.

But then it gets old.

After about 20 minutes of rampage, I realized that I just wasted 31 minutes of my time and nothing to show for it.

Did I enjoy it? Yes. Did it help me long term? No.


I’m old school practicality wise when I play games. I don’t have a gaming rig nor do the take the time to make sure my laptop is “gamer friendly.”

I just looked for games that met my specifications than the other way around.


I have found over the years that the types of game that have got me on replay over and over seemed to have the same traits (I will share those with you later in the post).


The first game on the list was Pokemon Red & Blue. 

Boy was it fun and it was just a 1KB big!

Did graphics matter? Yes… but to a degree.

The biggest factor to the games success was the gameplay and the storyline.


The second game was Call of Duty (the early ones).

The graphics were beautiful but no where near the "Crysis" level we are so accustomed to today.

Again, the only part of the replayability was the gameplay and storyline.


It seems clear to me that as long as the graphics don’t hurt the gaming experience, it was enjoyable all the way.

The graphics and all the other elements of game design are props to serve one thing - the gameplay.


Heck, Clash of Titans, Candy Crush and Angry Birds made it big because it had the same attributes as the games I loved playing:


  1. Had enjoyable graphics
  2. Not hardware intensive
  3. Great gameplay


Does your game have these?


This post was written by Ben Sim from iPrice group, a price comparison and meta-search engine based in MalaysiaSingaporePhilippinesThailandVietnamIndonesia and Hong Kong.

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