How Lynx2games makes buying games social

Welcome to the world of co-operative buying. Read on and get a 10% discount on your next game purchase with the promo code mentioned

Gaming can no longer be considered a cheap hobby. I already discussed my issues about video game prices a while back, but it still is an aspect which isn’t really as transparent as it should be. In the meantime it’s the end consumer who gets to groan about whether or not a title was really worth the money they spent. The buzzword these days with businesses is social as everyone tries to utilize social media in one way or another to connect with their customers. Then why should the gaming community be left behind? Lynx2games, an online shopping platform allows gamers to connect with each other to buy games for cheaper prices.

You are either a renter, a buyer or a pirate when it comes to games. Pirates aside, Lynx2games has a rather simple concept wherein the value truly lies in the number of consumers who adopt this platform. Renters and buyers are both invited to come onboard and split the price of a game they wish to play.

1/3 + 2/3 =1 Game

The person who wishes to rent a particular title fronts 1/3rd the price and gets to keep the game for three weeks upon release after which he/she sends it over to their buddy who shoulders the other 2/3rd of the cost and gets to keep the game forever. In the interest of playing with numbers, a $59.99 game would cost the renter $19.99 and the buyer $39.99 and that’s about it.

The Buying Renting Balance

The value proposition here is all about fairness. It can feel rather unfair to a buyer to front 2/3rd of the cost and wait three weeks to receive the game. But honestly, a 33% discount three weeks after release isn’t something gamers come across everyday for a new title. You may think you are getting a used game for your 2/3rd, but again if you go to a normal store which sells used games, it would still not cost $39.99 for a three week old copy. But what are the options available to you? One, buy the full priced game upon release (but if you really don’t want to pay the full price this really isn’t an option). Two, you wait for some holiday sale to come along, and chances are the new titles may not even have discounts if it’s a recent release. For the renters, it’s not all fun or games either. Most stores don’t give a copy out for rent at release so you’re the lucky ones here. There is a catch for the renters as well though, maybe the game you and your buddy decided to get doesn’t really need three weeks of time. It can feel like paying extra for something which you may end up shipping off to your buddy before three weeks. The entire concept radiates this fine balance wherein any title can be worth every penny spent or can possibly save you a good amount if it doesn’t turn out to be what you expected. An overall Win-Win in my opinion.

Find your Buddy

We all know gamers are especially chatty over forums, so hopefully nobody needs to search for too long to find a buddy to share the burden of price. If in case a user can’t find a friend or acquaintance interested in sharing the cost, Lynx2games allows users to connect with the other half of their equation. They have a system in place, and for consumers concerned about everybody holding up their end of the bargain it’s a well executed value proposition for gamers who are still considering investing their time and money on their next buy. It’s an interesting concept and is offered on buying games across platforms, and with digital distribution growing it would be interesting to see how this social shopping platform adapts to such upcoming trends. But in the meantime, it’s a neat new way of buying games which promotes social sharing which everyone says is what our generation is about.

You can find the infographic below which explains how Lynx2games works. If you’re too lazy to read any further, watch the video which explains how it works. Lynx2games decided to make their value proposition sweeter for readers of gaming-IMHO. You are invited to use the following promo code:  10OFFPROMO to receive a 10% discount on your first transaction with Lynx2games. So I invite you to read, tweet, share this article with your friends and Like our Facebook Page so that we can keep you informed of new promos as and when we come across them.

How it Works Infographic:

Lynx2games Infographic

How it Works Video:

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