How are we feeling about the Nintendo Switch's prospects?

Since it's what most of us were talking about anyway, Gamasutra's editorial team hopped on Twitch to hash out what the Switch's debut might mean�for players, developers, and Nintendo itself.

What's the deal with the Nintendo Switch?

The company made a show of telling everyone this week in a livestreamed briefing that laid out the hybrid console's pricing ($300), launch date (March 3rd) and opening salvo of games (slim!) 

Today a few more details came to light as Nintendo of America held a Switch press event in New York, so since that's what most of us were talking about today anyway, the editorial staff at Gamasutra hopped on Twitch to hash out what the Switch's debut might mean for players, developers, and Nintendo itself.

A handful of Gamasutra readers joined us (in chat) to share their thoughts, and now -- thanks to the magic of modern video platforms -- you can go back and watch the stream for yourself.

It's worth watching for the assortment of different perspectives on the Switch, as well as some discussion of whether or not devs expect it to outperform the Wii U and what sort of playerbase we expect it to collect.

Does this new hardware represent a "Switch" in Nintendo's business strategy? Might it lead to another renaissance in local multiplayer game design? Is ARMS the best game concept Nintendo's ever had? The answer to that last one is "definitely", but for the rest, you'll have to check out the video.

Be sure to subscribe to the Gamasutra Twitch channel for more developer interviews, editor roundtables and gameplay commentary! 

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