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Obesity is a health problem that is considered a curse by many people. It is a threat to public health, a leading preventable cause of death and has been classified as a disease by the American Medical Association. Obese people are stigmatized in the west

Think about serving sizes Often, people try to eat right, picking out products or foods they think are both tasty and low calorie, only to eat way beyond the suggested serving size. Remember, sometimes, it’s not what you eat that matters, but how much. If temptation is your issue, set aside the suggested portion of food before you start eating—and then stick with it!


Be balanced Think about the whole meal. Are you eating protein? Veggies? Carbs? Fiber? Hopefully, it’s a good mix. The more flavors and types of food you incorporate, the better your chances of feeling satisfied. A balanced diet, and life, is your ally.


Make fiber a friend Ever finish eating and still feel hungry? The solution to your hunger pangs could be fiber. Fiber is not only good for your digestive system, but it’s a filling option for anyone looking to get the most out of their calorie intake. Some of the most high fiber options includes beans and lentils, but some vegetables, like artichokes, and fruits like raspberries, also have a high amount of fiber per serving.


Sit down – enjoy your meal This tip is less about what you’re eating, and more about how you’re eating it. Do you find yourself always eating on the go, grabbing a bite in the car, or snacking at your desk? Make mealtime a ritual. Sit down with your food and give yourself a break.


Eat out of real dishes Part of slowing down means treating yourself. When you eat out of a real dish, you’re making mealtime more of a ritual, something special that you can look forward to. 


Don’t drink your calories How often do you look at the calorie count on that glass of morning juice, or that lunchtime soda? Switching to a lifestyle heavy on water and light on the high-calorie beverages could help your drop pounds. According to the Mayo Clinic, men should drink 3 liters of water a day, and women should drink around 2 liters of water a day. Have you ever felt hungry, even after eating? Try a glass or two of water. You may actually just be feeling dehydrated.


Know what you put in your body! Without a doubt, this is the best advice on the list. Keep track of your calorie intake. Know what foods make you feel satisfied, and which foods make you want more. Know that the food and drink you put in your body all adds up. 

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