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Hacker Attacks Against Sony Continue

Following <a href="http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/34719/Report_Sony_Hit_By_New_PlayStation_Exploit.php">further PSN-related issues</a>, Sony-operated internet service provider So-Net has been breached by a hacker, the company reports, resulting in vir

Frank Cifaldi

May 20, 2011

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Following further PSN-related issues, Sony-operated internet service provider So-Net has been breached by a hacker, the company reports, resulting in virtual currency being stolen from some of its customers. Around 100,000 yen (approximately $1,224) worth of "virtual points" were stolen from 128 So-Net customers in Japan, it was reported Friday, before the hack was discovered. According to representatives, it does not appear that any other accounts were compromised in the attack, nor does any personal information appear to have been stolen. "At this point in our investigations, we have not confirmed any data leakage," the company said in a statement to its customers. "We have not found any sign of a possibility that a third party has obtained members' names, address, birth dates and phone numbers." So-Net operates out of Japan, and provides consumer internet connection services, as well as a portal website featuring news and entertainment. Reports have also come in that a hacked page on a Sony-operated website in Thailand redirected users to a fake website posing as an Italian credit card company. The phishing site, as discovered by Finnish internet security company F-Secure, does not appear to be related to the PSN attacks from last month. "I think it's now 'I'm a hacker and I'm bored, let's go after Sony,'" security expert Josh Shaul told Reuters. "Sony is going through a pretty rigorous process and finding the holes to fill."

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