Google Play Games adds UK and New Zealand to PC beta

More countries, more beta participants for Google Play Games.

The ongoing PC beta for Google Play Games has extended its reach a little further. Players in European countries such as the UK and Austria, along with New Zealand, can play Android mobile games on their PC devices without the use of emulators. 

In total, the service has reportedly added "over 40 European countries." This new string of countries marks the first addition to Google Play Games in months, and its first for the entire year of 2023. 

With the new expansion, Android game developers can now expect a larger player base on PC in these regions. The UK in particular will benefit from this, as it's one of the largest hubs for game development and increases a studio's visibility.

The PC beta for Google Play Games started in August 2022 for regions such as Australia, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Towards the end of that same year, it grew to include North America, the Philippines, and Mexico among its ranks. 

When North America and Mexico were included last November, Google also added more Android games in tandem with the rising list of eligible countries. That doesn't appear to be the case here with its newest update, indicating that future additions on both fronts won't always be side-by-side.  

Anyone who meets the minimum requirements and lives in these specific countries is able to get into the beta program. The only other requirement for players is that they be 18 years or older and make sure the country of their Google Play account is set in a region or country that's beta eligible. 

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