Godot Engine launches funding initiative to fuel long-term growth

Godot enters the subscription service game so it can bring on more staff and "make the best possible Godot Engine."

The open-source game development tool Godot has fully launched its titular development fund (GDF) that'll help further its development. 

In its announcement blog, Godot wrote that the fund will "create a direct way for everyone to help us secure stable funding and ensure the longevity of the project. [...] The GDF will make the Godot Project more sustainable and independent."

Over the years, engine makers such as Epic Games have experimented with different ways to get developers on board with their product. Godot is making it clear that its new plan will benefit the engine directly, in turn becoming a boon to those uncertain (or perhaps wanting to switch) what engine they use for their game. 

Along with reducing platform fees, Godot's new fund will allow it to "hire more developers... pay for hosting services and infrastructure, and make the best possible Godot Engine. The more funds we have, the more we can give back to you and the entire game dev community."

Pricing the Godot Development Fund

In terms of pricing, there are various membership tiers, first starting at Bronze (at €5 a month, or a little over $5) and ending at Diamond for €250/mo. Higher than that is the Sponsor membership, which Godot says those interested should email the developer for pricing information. 

Those who've been supporting the company via Patreon are advised to switch to the GDF to "increase the effectiveness of your donations."

The aim is for the GDF to improve over time, and to help Godot "reduce our dependence on large one-time grants from corporations. This financial independence empowers us to prioritize the needs and interests of our community and the open source principles at the core of our projects."

Developers who want to donate to the Godot Development Fund can do so here.

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