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Getting Press For Your Game

We just submitted our first game for review, now we are trying to get some press for it. More complicated than you would think.

Hi everyone,

We just finished the beta test for our game, and after correcting some minor issues, we finally submitted it for review.

Up until now we have been active on different forums, blogged and tweeted about the game. All that is one thing, that is an information flow that we can control. The main weakness here is that we do not reach that many people through our own channels.

The challenge now is to get some press for the game. Get some sites to talk about it and hopefully get someone to review the game.
We have found a lot of sites that we think are interesting, and probably missed some in the jungle, and checked up on how they would like to be contacted about reviews.

We immediately  took out the sites that charges for a review, based on the opinion that if a review can be bought, it is not very credibly and therefore it will not generate any sales. Maybe we are wrong about this, if you think so, please comment below.

Many of the sites we have left are major sites and common for most is that they receive a dozen review requests a day. 

In order to stand out we have made custom artwork, a gameplay trailer and taken some time to get some good screenshots.

We will offcourse include all this in the mail, but that is no good if the mail just goes in the "another indie mail" pile and is never opened.

We have got a contact to a site through twitter by chance and this seems to be a much more effective way than sending out email, but then again, if we dont send out the mails, there is no chance at all of being discovered.

I would like to ask you all what your take on this is, how do you go about getting reviews on the sites you prefer? If you do anything at all in this direction?

Lets have a debate in the comments :) 


Custom Artwork

By the way, our game is an iPhone game and if you are interested we have been blogging about the development on  and here on Gamasutra.


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