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Get a job: Wargaming America is hiring a Community Manager 2

Wargaming is looking for an experienced Community Manager with a deep understanding of games and the gaming industry to create specialized content, generate key messaging, and more in Emeryville, CA.

December 28, 2016

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Community Manager, Wargaming America

Location: Emeryville, California

The Community Manager demonstrates a deep understanding for games and the gaming industry. You live and breathe games and have a passion for being a part of and developing gaming communities. The WGA Community Manager is the leader of their games Community efforts.

A key creative contributor to his/her publishing team, the Community Manager must be an authentic player of their game. They must understand what the players want, what they are concerned with, and what the capabilities of the game team are. They must understand the difference between low and high severity. They must have their fingers on the pulse of their community, at all times understanding the hot items that are top of mind of players.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Responsible for generating all key messaging related to the product and service. This includes, daily, weekly, and crisis management messaging.

  • Creates specialized content for their players, responsible for engaging players on YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit, and other social media channels around that content.

  • Knowledge acquisition is necessary by spending a set amount of time looking at the forums and understanding the vocal minority that exists there and its concerns.

  • Build scalable, long-lasting programs to support our regional community initiatives including viewing parties, offline events, and convention presence.

  • Measure your activities and understand exactly how your activities do and do not move the business. You are also able to report out and up the results of your activities.

  • Assist in the execution of community-facing initiatives including contests, volunteer programs, fan site programs, collegiate programs, offline events, convention presence, email campaigns and social media initiatives.

  • When applicable, the CM will be responsible to manage test server feedback from the players to development.

Essential Position Requirements:


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred. High School Diploma, relevant training and demonstrated skills aligned to the job requirement.


  • A strong grasp of Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).

  • Experience working with task management software such as JIRA, Confluence, and Basecamp.

  • Experience at a video game studio or publisher is required.

  • Experience as a Community Manager is required with a minimum of 3 years in the video gaming industry and a minimum of 2 years managing a project.

Knowledge, Skills, and Demonstrated Abilities:

  • Collaboration – you understand that you are part of a team, you encourage a solid brainstorm, and you work hard to challenge your team towards greatness.

  • Creativity – evaluate areas of opportunity where players don't fully understand our vision and develop plans and messages that will change perception for the better.

  • Communication – accountable for tone and direction of forums at a high level, engaging the Player Experience Team and making sure that team is armed with the key messages and answers to questions that players are asking. Generate positive sentiment in all community channels. Maintain an authentic voice and ensure that this voice is applied in all channels where engagement is happening, from CRM, Web Articles, in game, etc.

  • Accuracy – ensure that any live stream or video has relevant content consistent with the activities that the pod is currently focused on.

  • Understanding – acquire clarity regarding the different segments of players inside your game and actively present them content that fulfills their needs depending on where they are in their lifecycle. Be the primary conduit of feedback (in and out of game) and sentiment reports to the developer. You may harness the power of your team to gather the feedback but you will know the feedback and be able to articulate what the players want. Continuously play games and know what good and bad community looks like.

  • Outstanding communication skills, including solid verbal, written and listening skills.

  • Demonstrated proficiency in the use of the English language.

  • Capable of speaking, and writing Spanish, Portuguese, or Russian a plus.

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