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GameStop taps design firm R/GA to help keep its stores relevant

Struggling retailer GameStop is working with design firm R/GA to come up with new designs for its storefronts that offer 'streamlined' venues focused on things like eSports, or retro games.

Alex Wawro, Contributor

July 16, 2019

1 Min Read

Struggling game and tchotchke retailer GameStop announced a partnership with design firm R/GA today that will see the two working together to develop new designs for GameStop's remaining storefronts.

What's interesting here is how GameStop aims to revive customer interest in its physical locations: by turning at least some of them into "streamlined" venues focused on a specific aspect of game culture, like eSports tournaments or retro games and consoles.

The company didn't specify a timeline for these renovations, noting only that it will be testing these new store layouts and concepts in an undisclosed "select market" as part of its ongoing efforts to revive its flagging business.

GameStop's fortunes have been falling for some time, causing the company's stock price to hit a 16-year low last month. After a failed attempt to sell the company early this year, it appears those in charge are doubling down on GameStop's ongoing investments in eSports and the retro games business.

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