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GameStop says Nintendo Switch sales doubled following E3

Gamestop reports Nintendo Switch sales doubled in the week following E3.

Game Developer

July 5, 2018

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It looks like GameStop benefited from Nintendo's presentation during E3, as Nintendo Switch sales for the retailer doubled in the week following the conference.

This could be good news for Nintendo, since share prices plummeted shortly after their E3 presentation (despite a mixed reception of the showcase), suggesting that people must have liked what they saw if console sales doubled.

As reported by Nintendo Life, GameStop's Vice president of merchandising Eric Bright says Switch sales doubled over the course of the week thanks to excitement over Smash Bros. Ultimate and the ongoing enthusiasm for Pokémon Go.

"Nothing beats Nintendo's overall announcements," Bright continues. "Super Smash Bros is jumping right up to the top of the [pre-order] list. We're also seeing great reaction from Pokémon Let's Go, both SKUs, and then of course people are trying to get their hands on the Pokéball [controller] as well."

While no actual sales numbers were mentioned, Bright did go on to say that he's pleased with the line-up for 2018's final quarter because of the many big, notable launches during the three month period. 

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