Games on Kickstarter rebound in 2015, at least in terms of revenue

An analysis reveals that massive gains were made after a disappointing 2014 -- but that the total number of projects hasn't gone upward as much as the money has.

In a new analysis posted on, consultant Thomas Bidaux notes that Kickstarter funding for games bounced back from a crash last year -- at least in terms of revenue. 

According to his numbers, games projects pulled in $48.2 million in 2013, before falling to $20.1 million in 2014 and rising, this year, to $41.6 million.

However, this gain is, in part, because of record-breaking projects like Bloodstained and Shenmue 3. The total number of funded projects (at least through mid-December, where we are now) is lower than either prior year. 

The full analysis also contains some good insights into non-Kickstarter crowdfunding projects like Psychonauts 2 (which is currently running on Fig) and Indivisible (which is in the process of collecting post-campaign "InDemand" crowdfunding on Indiegogo.) 

Bidaux has also written a series on best practices for crowdfunding which is available on Gamasutra blogs in two parts: Part 1, Part 2. Expect more of his insights into the state of the crowdfunding market here in the not-too-distant future.

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