Gameloft facing lawsuit from outsourcing firm over copyright infringement

The Vietnam-based outsourcing firm Glass Egg filed the suit in response to the use of a number of assets from the studio’s Asphalt series.

The Vietnam-based outsourcing firm Glass Egg has filed a lawsuit against Gameloft, Gameloft USA, Gameloft Iberica, and parent company Vivendi in response to assets it alleges were illegitimately created by a Glass Egg employee for Gameloft’s Asphalt game series.

The suit was first filed last summer, but PocketGamer spotted a recent court document that indicates the legal battle is still raging on.

All in all, Glass Egg is seeking damages from Gameloft for copyright infringement, unfair competition, and misappropriation of trade secrets. 

The suit alleges that the outsourcing firms Gameloft hired to produce assets for its Asphalt series, Alive Interactive and Hung Thinh 3D, hired a Glass Egg employee to create those 3D assets without Glass Egg’s knowledge or permission. 

That employee is said to have used equipment, hardware, and trade-secrets belonging to Glass Egg in the creation of those assets. The company says that the models created were then passed back to the outsourcing firms and, from there, to Gameloft for use in at least three Asphalt titles. 

Following the initial complaint Gameloft USA had filed to have the case dismissed as but that request was ultimately denied.


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