Game Freak implementing optional four-day week to help with childcare

The initiative is being described as a "selective weekly three-day system."

Pokemon developer Game Freak is implementing an optional four-day work week to accommodate the childcare needs of its employees.

According to a translated press release, the initiative is being described as a "selective weekly three-day system" that allows workers to take an extra weekly holiday on top of their weekend off, delivering a four-day work week.

Game Freak said the system will allow eligible employees "choose their own way of working," and will be made available to full-time staff who have "childcare" or "nursing" needs.

As noted by founder Joe Merrick, those taking advantage of the system will be handed a pay reduction that accounts for the additional time off.

"[Game Freak] wants to be an autonomous manufacturing group where each person can choose their own way of working," continues the press release.

The company added it will continue to consider and implement initiatives to support diverse work styles, but didn't specify whether that means other employees will be given the opportunity to opt-in to its weekly three-day system. 

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