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Former Raiders coach Jon Gruden is being removed from Madden 22 after e-mail scandal

But his e-mails.

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

October 14, 2021

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A screenshot from Madden 22 featuring players from the Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers

EA Games has announced that it's removing former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden from Madden NFL 22 after he resigned from the team this week following the unearthing of racist and homophobic comments from prior e-mails.

You can get caught up on the e-mail scandal here (fun fact, it's managed to envelop ESPN reporter Adam Schefter, who allegedly handed stories to Gruden for his reviewal before publishing). 

The short version is: a veteran football coach used homophobic and racist slurs to describe players, other coaches, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and the documents were unearthed in a lawsuit filed by Washington Sports team owner Dan Snyder.

Gruden resigned, and now his image will be replaced in Madden NFL 22 with a generic likeness.

Given that Gruden's hateful e-mails go as far back as 2011, it's disappointing to consider that he probably isn't the only NFL official or player who's made such comments and is still featured in the game. EA Sports says that it is "committed to taking action in maintaining a culture of inclusion and equity," and it has to be tough for a team to try and balance that goal against being entwined with an institution like the National Football League. 

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