Former DICE creative director and Battlefield vets form new studio TTK Games

TTK Games is currently working on a next-generation online shooter.

A group of EA DICE veterans, including former creative director Lars Gustavsson, have launched a new studio called Time To Kill Games (TTK Games).

The Stockholm-based studio has secured "significant funding" to create a new next-generation online shooter.

Gustavsson will lead TTK as CEO and creative director, leaning on his experience overseeing the Battlefield franchise at DICE.

He's joined at TTK by fellow co-founders Daniel Berlin (senior design director), who worked on multiple Battlefield titles as lead world designer and designer director; Vidar Nygren (CTO and technical director), formerly technical director on Battlefield; and Peter Hoyles (art director), who previously served as studio art director at DICE LA.

Battlefield chops

Gustavsson said TTK's debut shooter will lean into the studio's moniker Time to Kill, which "defines how a shooter feels and how fast it plays."

"For us the term 'TTK' isn’t just about the craftmanship behind finding the perfect speed or immediacy of a game–it’s about how human beings have been killing time through play for thousands of years," he added.

"Throughout my career I’ve made games to encourage teamwork, friendly competition and using your mind and reflexes to accomplish a goal and outwit your opponent. We are passionate about video games, because we think there’s no better way to kill time."

TTK Games will facilitate both in-office and hybrid working and wants to become one of the "respected frontrunners of connected entertainment."

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