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The game's also getting a level-building tool, which will be great for budding designers.

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

May 16, 2022

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Key art for Fall Guys' free-to-play release

Mediatonic's multiplayer brawlfest Fall Guys is getting some big updates to its business plan. Starting in June, the game will be free-to-play on all platforms, as the game launches on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and the Epic Game Store (it debuted on Steam and PlayStation 4 in 2020).

Cross-play and cross-progression will be available on all platforms that you can play Fall Guys on.

There's a teeny tiny caveat to the expansion of access for the game however. After the game is released on the Epic Game Store (which is run by Mediatonic parent company Epic Games), new players won't be able to download it on Steam. Current players who own the game on Steam and PlayStation will continue to receive new content and free updates.

The announcement stream for this big update also came with a surprising reveal for the long-term development of Fall Guys. Mediatonic announced that it's is working on a level editor for the game. Aspiring level designers will be able to experiment with the different objects and level modules of different Fall Guys obstacle courses, and will only be restricted by a "weight limit" that keeps a check on the level's memory usage.

A screenshot of Fall Guys' level editor

The only requirement for publishing custom Fall Guys levels will be proof that the level can be completed (Nintendo's Super Mario Maker has a similar requirement). No mention was made about moderation for inappropriate content, but hopefully Mediatonic has that well in hand.

This new level editor is still a ways away from release, and it'll be interesting to see if acts as any kind of pipeline into Epic Games' development environment. This isn't quite a Roblox-like tool that will let developers earn revenue based on their creations, but seeing an Epic-owned game with lots of collaborations with other franchises jump into the user-generated content business has interesting implications.

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