Facebook launches Women in Gaming site to share stories, research, and tools

Facebook has launched a Women in Gaming initiative to share the stories of female developers with the goal of encouraging more women to take up roles in the industry.

Facebook has launched a Women in Gaming initiative that seeks to encourage more women to take up roles in the game industry and spotlight female leaders already in the field.

The project seeks to address the fact that women, especially women of color, are underrepresented in the game development industry by offering information and research to support women looking to enter the field. 

So far, Facebook has released 20 videos on its new Women in Gaming page to give women in the industry a chance to share their own stories. Those ‘#SheTalksGames’ interviews capture the perspectives of women working in executive roles, HR positions, development and engineering, marketing, production, and more. 

Aside from sharing stories from women in the game industry, Facebook is also partnering with other organizations like the European Women in Games conference and Women in Games WIGJ to support women in the industry at video game conferences and events. The online hub also houses a number of talks from women developers and information and research regarding women in the industry. 

“We need to use the full talents of the population to create titles and businesses that speak to everyone. And that’s what our Women in Gaming program is about,” explains Facebook president Sheryl Sandberg in one video on the site. “We want to build a global community for you to share your stories, your challenges, your hopes and your dreams.”

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