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In the face of fierce opposition from ad networks and game developers, the company scraps plans to force sharing of information with the platform.

Christian Nutt, Contributor

August 4, 2015

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Facebook has scrapped controversial plans to make sweeping changes to how its ads work.

The change, which was set for November, would have mandated changed to the data developers (including both game developers and advertising services) could collect, and mandated that they share their data with Facebook, which could then (allegedly) sell it to competitors.

The story originally came to our attention via VentureBeat, and in a follow-up report, the site reports that the policy change is dead, offering conformation from Facebook: "In order to provide that choice, we will continue giving advertisers the option to receive device-level reporting from our mobile measurement partners for mobile app ads," Facebook spokesperson Mike Manning told the site.

There are more details on just why developers were so unhappy about the proposed changes in its original report and the new story.

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