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Epic's Tim Sweeney argues for keeping Windows an open platform

In a new opinion piece, the Epic Games founder explains why he thinks Windows 10 is heading toward being a closed space -- and how he'd like Microsoft to open it up.

Christian Nutt

March 10, 2016

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"It is a rational industry response to have a degree of distrust over Microsoft’s intentions."

- Tim Sweeney, writing about the Universal Windows Platform

In a well-argued new piece on VentureBeat, Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney lays out a case for Microsoft to keep Windows 10 an open platform -- and suggests exactly what road the company could take to do so.

At issue, in his view, is the Universal Windows Platform. UWP is a set of APIs that, according to Microsoft, lets developers reach all Windows 10 devices with their apps, but according to Sweeney, also represents "a first step toward locking down the currently open consumer PC ecosystem."

"Clear Microsoft statements and actions on UWP could mark the return of developer and publisher trust in Microsoft, which has a proud legacy founded in the early days of Windows based on great development tools and a great open ecosystem," Sweeney concludes. The whole article is well worth a read, if you're interested in following the state of Windows development. 

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