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Eight-year-old Xbox 360 class action suit rises from the grave

Appeals court rules that a case against the company, originally filed in 2007 and which alleges that Xbox 360 systems scratched discs, was improperly dismissed.

Christian Nutt, Contributor

March 18, 2015

1 Min Read

Newsbrief: An eight-year-old class action lawsuit against Microsoft which alleges that the Xbox 360 system could scratch game discs has been revived after the Ninth Circuit Court overturned a lower court's dismissal of the case.

That means the suit might now move forward -- though the court's ruling is concerned with justifying its reversal of the lower court's findings, and not with the merits of the case against Microsoft.

To catch you up, in 2008 we became aware that Microsoft apparently knew of problems with the disc drive in the original Xbox 360 -- but didn't do much about it at the time. "This is ... information that we as a team, optical disc drive team, knew about," Microsoft program manager Hiroo Umeno said.

The lawsuit was intended to bring remedy to affected Xbox 360 owners, and it seems it may now move forward.


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