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EA's RISK social game releases on Facebook

Electronic Arts has released RISK: Factions, the first-free-to-play adaptation of Hasbro's iconic board game, on Facebook with several additions meant to update the classic strategy formula.

Eric Caoili, Blogger

January 17, 2012

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Newsbrief: Electronic Arts set its anticipated RISK: Factions live on Facebook Tuesday, marking the first-free-to-play adaptation of Hasbro's iconic board game. The game is similar to digital console editions of RISK: Factions released over the past two years, which introduced whimsical characters (cats, yetis) to the previously serious war game. This Facebook version, though, debuts several modes and features designed to take advantage of the social platform. In a recent Gamasutra interview, the game's producer and designer Spencer Brooks said it was important to make sure players felt like they were genuinely interacting with opponents in the social game: "In a game like RISK, it's all about rubbing your opponent's nose in defeat, and I really wanted to make sure that wasn't lost in the game." RISK: Factions follows the release of several social adaptations for EA's franchises, including The Sims Social, FIFA Superstars, Madden NFL Superstars, and Dragon Age Legends. The publisher has also put out a number of licensed board games on Facebook, such as Monopoly Millionaires and Scrabble.

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