EA investigating FIFA hackers targeting Ultimate Team traders

Hackers have seemingly being targeting high-profile FUT traders.

EA has launched an investigation into a spree of attempted FIFA account hacks.

As reported by Eurogamer, numerous FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) traders have been venting their frustration on social media after being targeted by hackers who seemingly pilfered their FIFA Points and Coins, both of which are used to acquire players in the popular Ultimate Team game mode.

Some high-profile traders also claim to have been locked out of their accounts after being targeted. One popular trader, FUT Donkey, indicated they would take legal action against EA for breaching data protection laws and handing their account to a "random person" over live chat.

"I told EA live chat two times to add notes to my account to put that my account was being targeted by hackers and to not change any details, and they still did it," wrote FUT Donkey on Twitter. "Nothing more I could have done, and to be honest I shouldn't have to do anything. It's basic security. Disgusting stuff."

FUT Donkey also shared a screenshot of what they claim is evidence of hackers spamming the EA live chat with the aim of changing their account details and gaining unauthorized access.

For context, FUT trading is essentially the art of flipping Ultimate Team player cards for a profit on FIFA's virtual transfer market, buying low and selling high when the time is right. According to Eurogamer, many of the top 100 FUT traders have been targeted by hackers.

At the time of writing, EA said it has been made aware of the recent account takeover attempts and is currently investigating. In a statement sent to Eurogamer, the publisher directed players to its own security advice, which encourages them to utilize features like two-factor authentication and create a "strong, unique password."

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