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EA calls NFTs and blockchain games "the future of our industry" in earnings call

EA, which already makes a lot of money, wants to make even more money with carbon-spewing digital goods.

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

November 4, 2021

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A screenshot of Seer, a character from Apex Legends.

EA published its second-quarter results for fiscal year 2022 yesterday, tracking the three-month period ending September 30 2021. Net revenue and net profit were both up for the company, but more attention is being paid to comments made by CEO Andrew Wilson about the company's interest in blockchain games and non-fungible tokens.

During an earnings call, Wilson described both business models as "the future of our industry," but also said that it's still "early" for EA to enter the field.

"I think that in the context of the games we create and the live services that we offer, collectible digital content is going to play a meaningful part in our future," he stated (as spotted by PC Gamer). "It's still early to tell, but I think we're in a really good position, and we should expect us to kind of think more innovatively and creatively about that on a go-forward basis."

That's good news for investors (or anyone fixated on making money with in-game assets), but bad news for anyone concerned about the environmental impact of blockchain tech and NFTs. Not to mention the unanswered questions about using objects earned in-game as financial assets. 

But before we get out of here, let's take a look at how well EA did during its second quarter. The company's revenue rose year-over-year from $1.15 billion to $1.82 billion. Profits also rose from $185 million to $294 million. 

That would make EA one of the handful of companies we've reported on this financial season that haven't seen a major dip from the highs of its pandemic revenue.

EA also told investors that Apex Legends saw new peak player counts for active players during the launch of seasons 9 and 10, and that over 7.7 million players engaged with the Battlefield 2042 open Beta. 

The latter number seems to  have been touted as a strong sign for the game's upcoming launch.

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