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Double Fine is just fine with self publishing, says Tim Schafer

In a new interview, Tim Schafer points out that the economy of making games his audience wants keeps his studio afloat -- even if it would a "blip" to a big publisher.

Christian Nutt

February 26, 2014

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"We made more money off of Psychonauts in the last two years than we ever did before -- mostly because we didn't have the publishing rights."

- Tim Schafer on Double Fine's cult classic debut game in a new Kotaku interview. When Double Fine took the chance to break itself into a group of smaller teams and make multiple games, and when it took the risk to Kickstart Broken Age, its future became assured. That's according to Tim Schafer in a new interview on Kotaku. Beyond the money from 2005 cult classic Psychonauts that's now flowing into the San Francisco developer's coffers, it's also now receiving the proceeds of sales of Brutal Legend, the story reports. "The scale of those sales makes the most sense for a company of our size. It might not be a blip on the radar for a company like Microsoft or EA or a huge company like that, but, for us, it allows us to make a thriving business off of creative ideas and inspiration-driven development," Schafer tells Kotaku. In the interview, he reveals he's made attempts to gain the rights the rights to Grim Fandango from current owner Disney, though as yet has been unsuccessful.

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