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Discord has made a raft of notable changes that should help game developers build stronger communities while giving them more agency when it comes to monetization.Â

Chris Kerr, News Editor

March 14, 2019

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Discord is evolving how verified servers work to help game developers build stronger communities while giving them more agency when it comes to monetization. 

Starting today, devs can pay a small fee and receive access to store channels and news channels. Once approved, they'll also receive a verified checkmark, vanity perks, and appear in server discovery. 

Discord claims the changes will help game makers better integrate commerce and community, and with that in mind has also decided to give devs access to a more robust selection of analytics tools (as pictured below). 

"We’ve learned that devs want to avoid the friction and cost of a traditional storefront by selling directly to their community. So, you can now create a sort channel within your server where anyone can get your game," explained the company in a blog post.

"Moreover, we’ve learned that devs want better insights for their games. These insights allows devs to optimize their game development, marketing campaigns, and community activations which ultimately makes better game experiences for players.

"So, some analytics are already live and some are coming soon for devs making use of our commerce tools. Use these insights to understand how much salt you need to add to your gamezpacho."

Discord also wants to give devs the power to use existing permission features and store channels to manage their game through its entire lifecycle -- from closed alpha and beta through to early access and launch day. 

"Another big brain thing we’ve learned is that devs are using Discord to run early tests of their games to small audiences," continues the blog. "These alpha and beta groups then turn into the foundation of healthy communities that are hyped about a game and geared up to purchase on launch day."

Finally, Discord engineers have built and released a swathe of tools designed to make development itself even easier. By accessing the Discord Game SDK, devs will gain access to time-saving solutions covering everything from cloud saves and voice chat to networking and lobbies. 

It's a lot to take in, we know. So take a breather, and then check out Discord's full explainer on Medium to find out how to get started with all of the above.

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